About Us

EDM World Magazine, the #1 Electronic Dance Music Magazine App in the world, brings you the EDM World Shop - a collection of our favorite unique accessories and rave wear. We have selected pieces that will set you apart from the crowd while also making sure you fit right in!

At EDM World, we know there is nothing more important than expressing yourself at a rave or festival. So whether you like mermaids, aliens, unicorns, or all of the above, we have got you covered! We specialize in rave inspired designs you can wear anywhere. All of our items are custom made to order.

While our shop helps you find unique and expressive things, it will also help other people connect with you! One of our family members, Emmy, was at a show when someone came up to her and complimented her on her lit snapback. They exchanged numbers and now, years later, they still go to shows together. The idea that something as simple as a hat could connect people and create friendships is part of the inspiration behind the EDM World Shop. 

At EDM World, we have five core values. The first is passion. Our entire family is passionate about EDM and the industry. It is our goal to support the scene in any way we can. We also value fun and do our best to emulate the work hard play hard mentality. Diversity is also important to our team. We touch on all areas of the EDM lifestyle so there is always something for everyone, not just focusing on what’s popular in the mainstream.

Community is another important value to us. We want to connect people and bring unity amongst the scene. Our final core value is inspiration. We want to highlight how EDM saves, changes, and transforms people’s lives. We believe music is the universal language of the world and has the power to uplift and cause a ripple effect for many generations to come. So let your inner explorer run wild in our shop and always be prepared for the next show.